Legal Services

Insurance Defense

Representation of carriers and their insureds throughout Florida in matters relating to bodily injury, PIP, property, and insurance coverage.

Attorney Fee Expert Witness

Serving as an expert witness on the issue of fees and costs in courts around Florida, Julie has prepared hundreds of reports analyzing timesheets, including on one project involving over 200 cases. Types of cases handled include "file and pay" suits, determining reasonable hourly rates, multipliers, appellate time, and fee claims in the high six figures.

Property Damage Claims

The firm assists with all manner of losses related to residential and commercial buildings, including water, wind, storm, mold, and other types of damage.

Medical Billing and Coding Review

Analysis of claims focusing on legal strategies to defend fraudulent or questionable medical charges, relating to medical documentation, billing, and coding issues, to assist in the determination of a claim's value.

Litigation Support

Coordination with attorneys, either staff counsel or outside counsel, to perform the above analysis. This service includes a file review, report, and conference with the attorneys on possible defenses. These reports can merely highlight relevant issues, or go further to provide comments such as suggested motions, subpoena language, and deposition questions for parties, providers, and treating facilities. This service also entails background research and sharing of information of relationships between providers, facilities, and medical supply companies where appropriate. She can also appear as co-counsel for the purpose of taking depositions, appearing at mediation, or presenting arguments related to these issues in court.


Examinations under oath involving staged accidents, medical treatment and billing, coverage, or property matters.


Collaboration with carriers in matters where claims may have been improperly presented and pursuit of strategies aimed at recovering funds from the appropriate entities and individuals. Ranging from research, compiling evidence of improper claims, presenting demands, negotiating settlements, and litigation.